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Other Incentives

Customs-Free Imports of Raw Materials and Semi Finished Goods


Foreign investors in Serbia can enjoy the benefit of customs free import of raw material and semi finished goods for export oriented production. This benefit can either be achieved by operating in one of the free zones in Serbia or by a permit from custom office for outward processing production. In both cases finished products must be 100% designated for export.



Customs-Free Imports of Machinery and Equipment 


Foreign investors are exempt from paying customs duty on imported equipment and machinery, which represents the share of a foreign investor in a capital of a company in Serbia.



Local Incentives


A wide array of incentives is also available at the local level, varying in scope and size from one city to another. The major ones comprise the following:


·         City construction land lease fee exempts or deductions, including the option of paying in installments, with the prior consent of the Serbian Government;

·         City construction land development fee relief such as fee exempts or discounts for one-off payments;

·         Other local fees exempts or deductions (e.g. the fee for displaying the company's name).