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City of the Future



Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, has been awarded as 'City of the Future for Southern Europe' for 2007 by the fDi Magazine.

Selection criteria for the award are economic potential, cost effectiveness, human resources, IT and telecommunications, transport, quality of life, and FDI promotion.


In 2008 the municipality of Indjija was ranked among the Top 25 Most Attractive locations for foreign direct investment in Europe by the fDi Magazine.


Key Facts


With its outstanding location, a thriving real estate market, widely available healthcare institutions, outstanding international schools, and wide range of cultural and tourist attractions, Serbia is truly the right choice for foreign citizens.


Belgrade has been awarded as the 'City of the Future for Southern Europe' for 2006/07. It was chosen among the most developed cities in the region, based on the group of forementioned factors. Also, thriving real estate around Serbia offers first class business and residential premises, health care is provided in state and private institutions, and extremely favorable personal taxation together with excellent international schools makes this country the right choice for leading expats.